Monday, October 15, 2007


I apologize for not posting this week. Things have been really hectic with trying to set up the apartment. Dealing with vendors, contractors, and delivery people is hard enough in the US let alone when you add in a language barrier and cultural differences. Monday night will be the first night we sleep in the apartment. We still lack a refrigerator as it is being repaired, so we will be eating fruit and peanut butter bread for breakfast. The sofa arrives on Wednesday. We do have a bed, table with two chairs (other two have an issue), TV with cable, and Internet, so we are making progress. All-in-all, the place is shaping up and we have a lot unpacked. I am giving myself until December 1 to make it perfect. I'll post some pictures of the night view as soon as I bring the camera to the apartment. Stay tuned for several posts this week to make up for my abscence last week.

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