Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday by going out for turkey dinner with our friends J & A. Before dinner, Erik and I went to an art opening of contemporary Japanese art. It was a private party, and we got in thanks to my boss who passed me her invitation. It was something different and very enjoyable. The dinner was nice and the food was excellent. Unknowingly, there was an awesome jazz band that started shortly after we finished eating, so we stayed put and enjoyed some great tunes. We missed all our family--hope the day was wonderful!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stamp Collecting

I have been spending a lot of time at the post office recently, because I am shipping out the corporate Christmas gift for my job. This has been way more work than you can imagine. Today, there was more activity than usual at the post office, and I had my colleague ask what was going on. The crowds were there to purchase a special stamp series "Judicial" that was only on sale for one day. A special counter was set up where people could have these special stamps canceled with the date they were on sale. I am under the impression that stamp collecting is very popular in Hong Kong. The Chinese postal service was founded in 206 BC, so it has history going for it. Stamp collecting is a good hobby for Hong Kong since it doesn't take much space. The display shown below is about 10 x 15 feet with flashing lights around the stamps. It was a big deal.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My GreenSeam Shirt

I thought I should be wearing some of my work to the upcoming show where I'll be selling GreenSeam. My goal was to incorporate the logo and emulate Emily's tree design. I am pleased with the results.

Em's tree:

My shirt:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jewelry Show Success

One craft show down, one to go. My first show was for my jewelry, and it was a success; not a raving success, but I am glad I did it. I already had quite a bit of jewelry inventory, so I didn't invest too much in this show. I should not call it a craft show, because more than half of the vendors' merchandize was not handmade. I suspected this was the case before I committed. It is so hard to compete with manufactured product--handmade is way too time consuming. Also, jewelry is just too popular. There were over 150 vendors at this show, and I would guess at least 20 selling jewelry, which is why I am working on GreenSeam. The GreenSeam show is on December 9, and I am excited, anxious, and eager for it. Recently, I have given two GreenSeam onesies to new moms and they were well received.

BTW the GreenSeam blog is up here. I wasn't quite ready to commit to a website.

Big shout out to Maura who helped today and is still willing to come back for GreenSeam. Also to Erik who joined me for the last two hours after a long day at work, and also to all my friends who supported me today--thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beautiful Weather

Fall has arrived in Hong Kong, unless you are a local and you would say winter has arrived. This week has been the first time in about 8 months that we have turned off the air conditioners. It has been in the 60s at night and in the low 70s during the day with low humidity. I forget how wonderful this type of weather is since it is so rare here. The locals definitely dress as if it is winter: wool coats, scarves, boots, tights, and sweaters. Last year, we procrastinated in purchasing a heater until the weather actually got cold, and then they were all sold out. I have already purchased one and plan to get another soon.

Our lives have been marching along. I have been very busy preparing for the two crafts shows. The first one for my jewelry is next week, and the GreenSeam show is 3 weeks following. Then, 2 weeks after the second show is Christmas and our trip to India. Two weeks after we return from India, it will be Chinese New Year and my Mom and sister arrive. I joke that my schedule will open up in February. Erik has been extremely busy with work. Many nights each week, he either has business dinners, conference calls, or goes on the computer to catch up on work.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

1960s Party

My boss invited Erik and I to a 1960s party held at the American Club. We only had 24 hours to assemble costumes. It was such a fun party, and the decor and details were amazing. It made me want to be a party planner. The theme was so well executed. For food, there were TV dinners, grilled cheese sandwiches, sugary cereal, and hostess-like desserts. The drinks included Tang and vodka, Country Time lemonade and vodka, jello shots and a sweet drink made with Ovaltine, along with lots of fun non-alcoholic time appropriate drinks. There was lots of entertainment including go-go dancers, The Beatles, and child acrobats who performed on a large twister board. The guests were decked out and some had superb costumes. BTW, I am wearing exercise shorts under my mini dress. It was a super party.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am thrilled that Obama and Biden have won! I wish I was in the US to feel the excitement.