Monday, August 25, 2008


You may have heard, typhoon Nuri directly hit Hong Kong on Friday. The typhoon made it to level 9. In a previous post, I said No. 8 was the highest category, but I was wrong. Level 10 is the highest, and the rating is based on wind speeds. Nuri's winds exceeded 80 miles per hour. No. 9 has not been issued in Hong Kong since 2003, and Nuri had the longest sustained No. 9 warning ever. All businesses were closed, as well as, the government and airport. You are not supposed to leave your house during a No. 8 or greater, so we worked from home, hung out, and watched the Olympics. The wind was very strong in the evening and we could feel the building move. The whistling noise was extremely loud.

Erik enjoyed the down time. Note: our balcony plants have been moved inside.
Our great view!?!
The next day: these trees are very close to our house.

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Miss B said...

Holy Cow! I'm glad you guys are okay-that looks like a doozie!