Friday, March 26, 2010


TCM=Traditional Chinese Medicine. It consists of acupuncture, herbs, diet, and lifestyle. I have been intrigued by TCM since coming to Hong Kong. All my Chinese friends see a TCM doctor. So, I finally went for my own diagnosis. TCM works with the balance between yin and yang energies, and its goal is to balance the system. It treats the whole body, not just the symptoms. TCM is a very different philosophy than western medicine, and it takes an open mind to believe in it.

I was curious to see if TCM could help my chronic TMJ and a few other minor aliments. I was prescribed weekly acupuncture sessions and given some herbs to drink. The herbs are horrible, but I do feel better taking them. The acupuncture is wonderful, very calming. Additionally, I am making changes to my diet. It is recommended that I do not eat any raw foods such as salad and eat mostly warm/hot foods and drinks. I should limit caffeine, alcohol, dairy, refined wheat, sugar, and fruit. It may seem a bit wacky, but I really feel better. I am going to stick with it for awhile.

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nice. very interesting!