Monday, May 24, 2010


We went to Cebu, Philippines for a long weekend. It is only a 2 hour, direct flight. We stayed in an awesome, small, boutique resort, The Abaca. The service was impeccable, and it was very private and peaceful. The restaurant was award-winning Italian which we didn't know when we booked it--a nice surprise since most resort food is mediocre. It has been a while since we look a purely relaxing vacation--just what we needed.

Here is Erik's slide show:

One day, we rented a private boat to take us island hopping and snorkeling. The water was crystal clear. The coral was spectacular, and we probably saw 20 different kinds of tropical fish.

The Philippines is very poor, so we only ventured out of our resort one day to go into town. We visited Magellan's cross where he marked the territory for Spain. There is also an old Catholic church from the 1600's. Filipinos are devout Catholics.

I am sure we'll go back to Cebu. Next trip, USA!

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