Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Furniture

Since we’ll be in Hong Kong for at least another year, we decided to upgrade a few pieces of our furniture. It started with our bed, which was broken for more than a year. We got this new bed a few months ago, and I updated the bedding during the US trip. I am very happy with the bed which is so much more solid than our former, Ikea one.

I think I’ve mentioned before the lack of vintage/antique stores in HK. There is no appreciation for old items except super valuable antiques. We had no reason to upgrade our coffee table other than the new one is so unique. It is a mid-century mod design, and we totally love it. It was acquired through AsiaExpat which is similar to Craig’s List. Hong Kong is a very transient city, and there is plenty of stuff for sale on AsiaExpat.

Likewise, there was no reason to change our dining room set other than the new one is very cool. It is made from recycled boat wood. We’ve been waiting for it for about 2.5 months for it to be shipped from Bali. While we love it, it is probably too big for our space and unlikely to fit in a “normal” HK apartment. It could also be used outside since it is weather resistant. Worst case scenario: we sell it in a year.

Now, it is time for a party to show off all the new goods.

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