Thursday, November 8, 2007

Apartment, First Draft

Finally, here are some pictures of the apartment. You all know I like things to be prefect, so I am a little reluctant to show things before they are complete, but here it is. We had the walls in the living and dining rooms painted a pale green. These light fixtures were recently installed, and we are very happy with our choices. We are still waiting for our TV stand and some end tables. The next step is to hang pictures. The big mirror (love it) was purchased from another expat off a web site similar to craigslist. The bedroom is still in progress, but should be ready to show in the next two weeks. The other two bedrooms are pretty empty except for the computer. Notice when you stand in the middle of the space and look out at the harbour, it looks like we are floating on the water. We think this is so cool.


Kelly said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy!
Your apartment looks so cool! I hope everything is still going well for you.

Maura said...

First off I wanted to say thanks for being so nice to Paul and I on our visit to Hong Kong last week. We should be making a dec. very soon so I will keep you posted!!
Your apartment looks great. It was great you posted pictures since we just got back from an apt hunting is def. nicer than some we saw. By the way...thanks for the Aqua suggestion, the view and martini was amazing!

Anonymous said...

Amy, the apartment is gorgeous! And impeccably decorated (as I would expect). I can't wait to see the rest of it!