Thursday, November 1, 2007


I went to Lan Kwai Fong for Halloween and it was totally crazy, as expected. It was SO crowded. There was great crowd control, and the police were only allowing a certain amount of people to enter at a time. As a result, the line snaked for blocks and blocks. I waited about 45 minutes to enter. Once in, most of the people we there only to take pictures of people in costume, not to have fun or party. As a result, it wasn't all that fun. The people who had good costumes were treated like celebrities, and all the people with cameras were like paparazzi. It was insane.

Halloween is very popular here, and many public spaces were decorated. I think the Chinese like to be festive so look for any reason to celebrate. There are 17 public holidays in Hong Kong, but no everyone has off work all those days. These pictures are in the mall connected to the Gore Hong Kong office. There was a small haunted house set up.

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Kelly said...

did you dress up?