Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bali, conclusion

Part of visiting any new place is experiencing the food. Sate is the popular food in Bali, and I would describe the cuisine as a morph between Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese. It was spicy :-) On Sunday, we went to a local Balinese restaurant near our hotel, and loved it so much, we went back for Christmas dinner. The restaurant was what you would imagine a Bali restaurant to be: open air, thatched roof, lots of vegetation, etc. The pictures look hazy, because of the smoke generated from the open kitchen and all the sates cooking on the tables.

On Christmas, we took a small tour of Kuta, a town nearby our hotel in Nusa Dua. We weren't too impressed, as it was very commercial and touristy. You can see the volume of rain.

Here is Christmas day...

Merry Christmas and Cheers!!!

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