Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let's Celebrate

Last weekend, we went to the Gore Christmas party on Friday night and a wedding on Saturday. The Christmas party was themed as "Hollywood" and many people dressed up. The Chinese LOVE costumes and any excuse to dress up and be crazy. A man dressing as a woman is also totally outrageous and the person who won the costume contest was a man who came as Marilyn Monroe. The invite said dress to "sparkle and shine" so that's what we did--no costume. The Gore Christmas party is for associates only, so I am lucky I got an "extension" since I wasn't officially still an employee. There were lots of games, and we won a dance contest as the representatives of our table. (Note my new hair cut & color which cost $200 at Aveda!)

The glasses are a joke!

Amy's Gore friends (note: I am crouching down to be a similar height!)

Erik and Pinky

A bunch of us!

The wedding on Saturday was very western. Here, the bride rents her clothes and changes into 3-4 different outfits during the reception. The reception is just about the food. There is no music, dancing, or crazy drinking. We enjoyed a huge meal that consisted of maybe 12 courses; I didn't count. Below are some pictures of our table and friends.

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