Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

The weather on Sunday and Monday has been just perfect! It is around 70° and by Hong Kong standards, the humidity is low. We went for a run in the park on Sunday and soaked up the sun. It is not predicted to remain this warm, but the cold weather seems to be over. The apartment is comfortable now, not freezing.

Erik is in Thailand and Taiwan this week for business meetings. Next week, his associates from the US are in town for meetings. He is super busy. As a result, we spent the weekend getting ready for our trips and enjoyed some yummy meals, both out and homemade. We also did a bit of shopping in the market Saturday night.

My trip to the US is quickly approaching and I am excited. I debated long and hard about booking this trip. My main hesitation was the vacation time. It is a 4-day weekend here in HK, and it would have been a good time for Erik and me to travel to somewhere in Asia. I didn’t want to “waste” vacation time by simply going to the US and not somewhere exotic. Circumstances have developed very interestingly, because Erik needs to travel to the US for work around the same time! He had a little bit of control over when this trip happened, but not much, since he will be traveling with his new Chinese colleague. Furthermore, he was able to get on my return flight home, and I will be able to ride with him in the company rented limo back to JFK airport. It is too cool how everything has worked out.

We are planning our next trip, but are waiting for final booking through our travel agent. If everything turns out OK, we will be going to North Vietnam for 5 days in May.

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