Monday, March 10, 2008

Vietnam Here We Come

The trip has been booked. We are going to North Vietnam May 1-7. For a while, I had my doubts if we could get everything booked since the hotel was full on Saturday night, and the train we wanted doesn’t operate on Saturday. After some juggling, we have reservations for the plane, hotels, and trains. We will fly into Hanoi and spend 2 days there. The third night will be spent on an 8 hour train ride to Sapa, which is close to the China border. It is a sleeping train so it should be fine. We both have thoughts of The Darjeeling Limited. We will spend 2 days in Sapa and hopefully do some hiking. Then back on the train to Hanoi and fly home. We haven’t researched this trip too much, but many people have raved about the area so we are excited to check it out. With this trip and the planned trip to the US for Laura’s wedding (click here for her site), I only have 3 vacation days left in 2008. Those 3 days will be spent at Christmas in India if everything works out.

Click here to see our Hanoi hotel
Click here to see the first train
Click here to see our hotel in Sapa
Click here to see the second train
Click here to see general tourism on Vietnam

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kelly said...

looks great! as always, i'll look forward to pics. tell Laura congrats!