Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy First Anniversary

This week marks our first anniversary in Hong Kong. Strangely, the day I flew to Hong Kong last year is exactly the same day we fly back to the US this year--weird. It is hard to believe a year has passed so quickly. In reflecting on the past year and the move, the first thing that comes to mind is how happy I am to be settled. I truly feel Hong Kong is my home now. The process of moving was so stressful, and only in retrospect, do I realize what an upheaval it was, but it has been completely worth it. We both genuinely love it here and are grateful everyday for this experience.

Many of the things we enjoy about Hong Kong stem from living in a big city, not necessarily another country. We love not having cars, both from a convenience and financial perspective. The access to lots of great restaurants and night life is very fun. I miss the distinct seasons, especially fall, but overall, I enjoy living in a warm climate. While I do miss my house occasionally, it is refreshing to spend almost zero time/effort maintaining the home/yard. Thank you cheap cleaning and laundry service. It has been fun to meet new friends of many different nationalities and ages. At our recent party, four different languages were spoken. Another plus is Erik's job is very fulfilling and rewarding.

There are only a few negatives to living here. Of course, the main one is being so far from family and friends. The air pollution and humidity are quite unpleasant. I also miss the radio and hearing new American music--don't miss TV at all. Many of the other things balance out. For example, western food is more expensive here, but eating out is often cheaper. Shopping for clothes is a challenge, but shoes are way abundant and cool.

We love Hong Kong, or in Mandarin, women ai Xiang Gang!

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kelly said...

cool! have a great trip and i'll be looking forward to wedding pics/details!