Monday, April 6, 2009

Life List

Life lists are not a new concept. I started mine a few months ago with the idea to list 100 goals to accomplish before I die. Since today is my 37th birthday, I decided to post the list as-is which is interestingly comprised of 37 goals. I plan to continue to add to the list. These are in no particular order. Cheers to me to make 37 the best year yet!

1. Complete a marathon
2. Take a class in Chinese painting
3. Learn 100 Chinese characters
4. Hike Kilimanjaro
5. See the big Jesus in Brazil
6. Go to Mount Everest Base camp
7. Hike the Appalachian Trail
8. Get a tattoo
9. Host a party for 100
10. Help my sister plan her ultimate wedding
11. Make more money at my business than I do at my job
12. Write a book
13. Paint another self portrait (maybe one every 10 years)
14. Go to an Abe-Hicks show
15. Paint a room red
16. Dance naked in the rain
17. Become conversationally fluent in Mandarin
18. Travel to enough places that I need to add pages to my current passport
19. Try Dom Perignon
20. Serve in the Peace Corps
21. Get married (remarried) in Las Vegas at a tacky joint
22. Have a bonfire on the beach
23. Go on a safari in Africa
24. Stay a night at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong
25. Have another cat
26. Own a beach home
27. See the northern lights
28. Go to all 50 states (38 down)
29. Hear the Dalai Lama speak
30. Be a mother
31. Successfully make French bread from scratch
32. Take a nap in a hammock
33. Do 10 pull ups
34. Hold a koala bear
35. See the pyramids
36. Eat sushi in Japan
37. Do a service project in the next 6 months


The Fab Miss B said...

This is a perfect list! (And I've got just the place for the tacky vegas wedding: Happy Birthday Dearie!

Maura C said...

I recommend the "Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day" book for great recipes and really easy ways to make French Bread! It's not that hard, once you have a good recipe. If you can't get the book and need a recipe, email me! - Maura