Thursday, April 2, 2009

Snake Soup

Traditional Chinese snake soup is thought to be warming and is eaten in the winter. The season is just about over, but we were able to have it this week with Erik’s colleagues. It was quite good and honestly tastes like chicken. The snake meat is finely shredded and was in a lemony broth with mushrooms. It was a very enjoyable meal. Here is a video talking about the snake soup tradition in Hong Kong. This is not the restaurant we went to, but it gives you a good vibe of HK and its small restaurants.

After the dinner, we went to see a movie as part of the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Night and Fog got good reviews and was directed by a local Hong Kong artist. Most of the film was shot in HK. The movie was very good but very depressing. It was based on a true story about domestic violence.

Two new experiences equal a fun night.


The Fab Miss B said...

Looks delicious! We never did get to try many adventures for you lately! Fab!

kelly said...

yum! let the adventures continue...
have a great bday weekend!

YTSL said...

Hi Amy --

I, too, was at the screening of "Night and Fog"! And yes, it was depressing but if you really want depressing, check out (or not, as the case may be) Lawrence Lau's "Besieged City" (also set and about people in Tin Shui Wai). OTOH, Ann Hui's earlier Tin Shui Wai film is so much less violent and much more gentle. Highly recommend "The Way We Are" for an alternative look at Hong Kong's 'City of Sadness'.

Oh, and re the snake soup: Urgh... bully for you for trying and enjoying it but it's one of those Hong Kong thangs I still can't really enjoy. That and stinky tofu! ;b