Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Greenpeace Against Air Pollution

I've mentioned before the air pollution in Hong Kong, and most of China, is terrible. Here, it is reported everyday, unlike in mainland China. The API (air pollution index) is above 50 virtually everyday, and often it is closer to 100. The highest I've seen is 137. To put those numbers in perspective, in the US, when the API reaches 50, school children are not allowed outside for recess.

At lunch today, Greenpeace was having a demonstration against climate change and air pollution. It appeared they were "illegally" hanging a banner on a building. You can see the fire department is on scene with a large air mattress in case someone falls. The activists were handing out this sticker which blames Donald Tsang for the issues. Donald Tsang is the Chief Executive of Hong Kong which is similar to being the mayor.

I was happy to see more activism in Hong Kong especially about this issue since it so bad and effects everyone.

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