Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kyoto: Part 2

In Kyoto, we visited many historic sights and buildings.

Sanjusangendo Hall:Inside the main hall are 1,001 life sized wooden statues gilded in gold--stunning. No photography is allowed. This hall is the longest wooden building in Japan.Kiyomizu Temple:
Kodai-Ji Temple Zen garden:Small temple on a side street we stumbled upon: Yasaka Shrine:Kennin-Ji Temple is oldest Zen temple in Japan. Inside the main hall is a huge ceiling mural of two dragons.Nijo Castle is large and beautiful. The most interesting part is the wooden nightingale floors which squeak when walked upon, used as a means of defense against intruders.

Erik sampled the "strange" 4-flavored ice cream cone: mango, black tea, green tea, and vanilla.

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