Thursday, September 3, 2009

Apartment Touch Ups

This week marks our two year anniversary in Hong Kong. Since our days in the apartment are limited, I wanted to put the final touches on it while we still had time to enjoy them. We acquired many wonderful items from my friend S who recently returned to the US. S has excellent taste. I would like to buy at least one more piece of antique Chinese furniture. Here are some of the recent additions:
Black Chinese boxes, antique picture, and flower pot from S. The plant is from another expat who returned to the US.

Chinese alter table and reclining Buddha from S. Erik's Beijing photograph I had framed for his birthday. Framing in Hong Kong is very inexpensive.Porcelain Chinese vase lamp from S. The little urn is from Bangkok which was purchased last fall. The Japanese block print is a few years old. Erik bought it on one of his first trips to Japan.Big, beautiful, carved mirror from S in our bedroom. You can see the Tibetan prayer flags hanging over our bed in the reflection. The prayer flags are from a sacred Buddhist temple we visited in India. On the dresser is an antique postcard from India with a handpainted image of Ganesh. In the guest bedroom, my sister's sketches were recently framed and hung over the bed.

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The Fab Miss B said...

Lovely lovely! Will you ship it all stateside again when it's time to go?