Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great US Trip

We are starting to feel normal again having almost recovered from jet lag due to our recent visit to the US. It was an excellent trip—very relaxing while still managing to see family, friends, shop, and eat. Our house and storage unit are in great shape which is a true comfort. Fall was upon the east coast and a refreshing change from the hot and humid Hong Kong weather that will likely be around through October.

While in the US, I reflected on the things I miss about the States and also the things I love about Hong Kong. Erik and I both miss fall. I am nostalgic about making chili or soup on a cool Sunday evening with the sound of football from the living room. Additionally, I miss my house. It is a great place. Of course, we miss our friends and family dearly, but I think an attribute of great relationships is when you feel like it’s been a week, not a year, since you last saw one another. Now that we’ve been away from the US for two years, I don’t miss some of the things I did when we first moved. I don’t miss TV. It is crazy that with about 200 channels, there is nothing decent to watch. It is better to have only 20 channels of crap. Even though we did buy a decent amount of clothes, I am comfortable with my limited choices here in Hong Kong. I definitely miss having a cat. It was a real joy to have my parents’ cat sleep with us each night.

I think I’ve commented before that Hong Kong definitely feels like home to me, and I hope we can remain longer than one more year.

I didn’t take many photos in the US, but did manage to capture a few highlights.

A fabulous dinner at the new Emeril Lagasse restaurant in the Sands casino which has inhabited the old Bethlehem Steel Factory. Erik and his friends—interestingly, these were his attendants at our wedding.

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Simon said...

Ammmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy and Erik it was great to see you both