Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was very relaxed which was wonderful. I surely needed the downtime from the business of working two jobs. It was also nice not to rush off to a vacation like we did last year. We are going on a short trip to Beijing over New Year's weekend

For Christmas Eve, Erik and I went to an Irish pub and had a fabulous turkey dinner. Most of the restaurants in Hong Kong have special menus for Christmas which are very expensive and extravagant. It is similar to New Year's Eve in the US. We wanted something casual and enjoyed the pub. Christmas Eve night was super busy and was definitely a party night. We had a good time.

On Christmas day, we had brunch with Ruth and our other German friend Monika. All of us were feeling the effects of a raucous Christmas Eve, and we enjoyed a yummy brunch, went home and took naps, and then met up later in the evening. The small ball we are holding was a puzzle in the Christmas cracker. I was the first one to successfully assemble it. It was a running joke all day.
The weather was very warm as evidenced by our short sleeved shirts and enjoying the outside bar Christmas evening.

Here are some Hong Kong style Christmas decorations. I really don't understand this pink and purple fairies display, but people seemed to love it. They waited in line to have their picture taken next to it.
More tasteful decorations at the 1881 Heritage Building and the Peninsula Hotel.

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends!

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