Thursday, June 19, 2008


As if I don't have enough creative business ideas, I think a greeting card business in Hong Kong would be successful. There are not very many shops that sell cards, and the ones that do, such as Papyrus, are very expensive: ~US$10/card. I made my first cards for Father's Day, because I couldn't find any that were acceptable. I didn't photograph those, but I think they came out nice. Below are pictures of the cards I made for The Fab Miss B (Bon Voyage) and for Erik's birthday. I just finished the book Craft, Inc., a how to guide for turning your hobby into business. While the book didn't provide too many new insights, it did get me excited and motivated to work on jewelry sales and drive my other business ideas.


kelly said...

nice-you could have the best etsy shop ever!

Miss B said...

I'm waiting for that Etsy shop too... And I have one of the first editions!

Anonymous said...

Amy, you are seriously talented. Get yourself on etsy!