Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Favorite Blogs

I need to expand my blog repertoire, meaning the blogs I visit frequently. The Fab Miss B agreed to start a blog tag game with me. The object of the game is to list your favorite, most inspirational blogs and tag fellow bloggers to do the same. Here is Becky's list. For those of you who are new to the blog world and possibly only read my blog, you should know there are tons of people who earn a substantial salary from the advertising on their blogs. Blogging is not just a pastime, its a career.

These are my favorite blogs:

Dooce She is one of the pioneers of blogging and is super famous, so many of you are already aware of the site. Dooce is so witty and humorous, and I enjoy her daily style guide. Warning: she uses profanity and sometimes talks about taboo subjects.

Cakespy I love the illustrations and creativity of this site. It takes imagination to write a few times a week about only one subject: dessert. The artist also has a shop on Etsy.

The Pioneer Woman Her photography is outstanding, especially her food pictures. Have you tried taking pictures of your food? You quickly realize why food stylists earn a large salary. I enjoy the Pioneer Woman’s mix of food, family, and life style.

I tag the following bloggers to share their favorite blogs:

Fenwick Mama

We Live Like This

Please feel free to list your favorites in the comments.

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Boxofbeans said...

Boy, I read quite a number of blogs on a daily basis. But some of my favorites are: (where I found your blog. :) - she's a very funny writer who can turn the most mundane details into funny annecdotes - a lighthearted blog of musings from a sahm of two from Australia - i love blogs on home decor and seeing how others decorate their homes