Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Two Thumbs Up Weekend

The weekend was great, because I had a lot of time without many commitments. My normal Saturday schedule: jewelry class from 10:00-1:00 and Chinese lesson from 1:30-3:00. I get up early to study my Chinese, and with commuting time, I am committed from 9:00-3:30, so it feels almost like another work day. My time seems so limited when Sunday is my only free day of the week. Saturday, we were awoken early by terrible thunderstorms. A black thunderstorm warning was issued, meaning flooding was likely. When the black warning is in effect, people are supposed to stay home, and as a result, my classes were canceled. It was a lovely surprise. I was very productive making jewelry and going to the gym.

On Sunday, I worked more on my jewelry, cooked, and accomplished some errands. Erik flew to Germany Sunday night, so we skipped the Dragon Boat races. Monday was a holiday in honor of the Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat) Festival. I went to Shenzhen, China to visit my friend The Fab Miss B for the last time since she and her husband are leaving China next week. We had a glorious time talking, shopping, and going to the spa. Our spa treatment was a super deluxe facial that lasted almost three hours and included a back, head, and face massage, as well as, hot stone therapy and of course, a facial. The best part, it cost less than $30!

Living in a foreign country causes you reach out to people and make friends more readily than you would in your defined world at “home”. You instantly make friends with anyone you meet whom you share a shred of commonality. Just being an expat is often enough of a common thread. Also, people who are willing to move across the globe usually have an interesting story. I enjoy having a variety of friends of different nationalities and ages. Additionally, I find my friendships with some of my US friends have deepened with email correspondence. Writing is often more thoughtful than speaking. While I am thrilled to have established many friends in Hong Kong, I am especially grateful to have clicked with Becky (The Fab Miss B). Possibly, we knew each other in another life, because we have conversations as if we have known each other for years. I am certain we will remain friends for a long time.

I am still glowing from the blissful, relaxing weekend.

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