Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Introducing GreenSeam

GreenSeam is my new business that I am working on with my sister Emily (and help from Mom). The basis of the business is Emily’s brain child: hand-painted baby clothes. She has been painting clothes for a few years and did two great baby outfits for friends last year. I am taking her idea and running with it, because I am masochistic and love to bite off more than I can chew. Besides, one home-based business is never enough especially when you work full time, right?

We are only selling organic products, hence the name GreenSeam which Emily cleverly coined. Note: the name contains both our initials EM and AS. I am crazy enough to jump feet first into this project and have secured a booth at a prestigious art/craft show here in Hong Kong. The show is December 9. The designs have not yet been finalized, but a few prototypes can be seen below.

Just to confirm my insanity, I have also committed to a second art/craft show to sell my jewelry. This show is November 19 and is run by the same organization. I have a good quantity of jewelry inventory, so I am hoping it will be manageable. I only received confirmation of my acceptance into these shows about a week ago. Now the reality of the work load is sinking in, especially when I have 120 baby onesies on their way to me!


kelly said...

nice! i love the tree tee! Will you do toddler sizes too or just onesies?

aggie94 said...

Those are fabulous! I would definitely buy them as baby gifts for friends.

Boxofbeans said...

Very cute! I love the gold fish and the tree tee. Good luck on your new business! May I ask which craft show you will be attending? I've never been to one in HK yet.

Anonymous said...

Those onesies are so cute...I guess I need another child to dress up in one of those (not now though!)
Good Luck!
Keri and Family