Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Revenge of the Mold

Mold in Hong Kong is the ultimate nemesis, because it is so difficult to combat when 90% humidity is the norm. I discovered mold growing on the ceiling and upper walls of the hallway. Our walls are solid concrete with a thin layer of plaster, so mold doesn’t pose the same level of concern as when it inhabits drywall. I sprayed the mold with bleach water and wiped it away and it seems to work. (I think I learned this technique on some home improvement show.) The problem is keeping the mold from growing in the first place. We now have two dehumidifiers that are running constantly. They may not be enough since I spotted a silverfish the other day. Horror!

Admittedly, the mold is a significant downer, but it isn’t driving us out of Hong Kong yet. On Saturday, my former Gore boss was in town, and he came to see our apartment after we all had dinner together. This is a man who has been to Hong Kong many dozens of times, and yet, he was amazed at our view and didn’t want to leave the balcony. So, we’ll appreciate all the wonderful aspects of this life and keep the dehumidifiers running.

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