Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Shirt

I have written before about the challenges of finding clothes here in Hong Kong. There are tons of stores of every kind with no shortage of fashionable boutiques. The primary problem is sizing; the secondary problem is aesthetics. The Chinese aesthetic is different from Western styling, so much so that Erik and I have coined a phrase “Asian Style” and usually just say “AS”. In clothing, the AS seems to have many of the following:

-sparkles: lots of sequins, glitter, and rhinestones. Manicures adorned with lots of crystals and glitter are very popular.

-volume: The blousy look is in right now, but it is taken to extremes here. It looks better on 100 pound twig bodies.

-crazy patterns: Ridiculously wild fabric patterns are often mixed with equally crazy ones.

-no age appropriateness: Maybe Westerners are too conservative, but for the AS, an outfit that a 14 year-old would wear is perfectly suitable for a 60 year-old.

-modest: Very few people dress scantily, even the teenagers, so it is easier for the 60 year-old to wear a juvenile outfit.

While I do struggle with shopping, often saying to myself, “I can’t pull that off” or “I’m too old for this,” I do find it refreshing that the Asian Style in clothing is so whacky. Why shouldn’t people have fun with their clothes? As a result, I recently purchased a blouse I would describe as AS. It is difficult to see in the picture, but there are gold glitter accents on it. The blouse is silk and nicely made, purchased from a small boutique near my job. I love the funky sea life scene!


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You look hot! I think you can totally pull off Asian style! Life is short, why not have fun? I am planning a series of posts on insane clothes I bought in Shenzhen...I'm rocking them stateside despite the possibility of odd looks. If its well made, and makes you feel good, then why not?