Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jewelry Show Success

One craft show down, one to go. My first show was for my jewelry, and it was a success; not a raving success, but I am glad I did it. I already had quite a bit of jewelry inventory, so I didn't invest too much in this show. I should not call it a craft show, because more than half of the vendors' merchandize was not handmade. I suspected this was the case before I committed. It is so hard to compete with manufactured product--handmade is way too time consuming. Also, jewelry is just too popular. There were over 150 vendors at this show, and I would guess at least 20 selling jewelry, which is why I am working on GreenSeam. The GreenSeam show is on December 9, and I am excited, anxious, and eager for it. Recently, I have given two GreenSeam onesies to new moms and they were well received.

BTW the GreenSeam blog is up here. I wasn't quite ready to commit to a website.

Big shout out to Maura who helped today and is still willing to come back for GreenSeam. Also to Erik who joined me for the last two hours after a long day at work, and also to all my friends who supported me today--thanks for stopping by!

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The Fab Miss B said...

Congratulations! Just one more to go! Your display looks great.