Sunday, November 9, 2008

1960s Party

My boss invited Erik and I to a 1960s party held at the American Club. We only had 24 hours to assemble costumes. It was such a fun party, and the decor and details were amazing. It made me want to be a party planner. The theme was so well executed. For food, there were TV dinners, grilled cheese sandwiches, sugary cereal, and hostess-like desserts. The drinks included Tang and vodka, Country Time lemonade and vodka, jello shots and a sweet drink made with Ovaltine, along with lots of fun non-alcoholic time appropriate drinks. There was lots of entertainment including go-go dancers, The Beatles, and child acrobats who performed on a large twister board. The guests were decked out and some had superb costumes. BTW, I am wearing exercise shorts under my mini dress. It was a super party.


kelly said...

that looks like crazy fun!

aggie94 said...

That's awesome! What fun.