Sunday, February 8, 2009

No Squat Toilets

In mainland China and elsewhere, the squat toilet is the norm. For those not familiar with the squat toilet, it is a flushing ceramic toilet bowl, but it is recessed into the floor. There is no seat, and like the name implies, you squat to use it. Those who are used to using a squat toilet get confused on how to manage a western or "normal" toilet, and sometimes stand on the toilet seat. I have seen footprints on toilet seats in Hong Kong, but I never saw a sign like this one until now. It was on back of the stall door.


The Fab Miss B said...

On the mainland at fancy shopping malls etc, there was often a choice of squat or bowl toilets. It took a while to figure it out to be honest! What were the options in India?

amy said...

In India, the nicer places had western toilets and the second class places had what they called "Indian Toilets".

Lola Jane said...

Hi Amy; May I link and use this photo for a blog post on this topic? In the Philippines, there are also standard and squat toilets. Going into a toilet in more remote areas, and finding squat toilets can be comical with questions...What do I do now....huh???

Thank you,
Lola Jane