Sunday, February 22, 2009


At the beginning of February, I switched my work week to four days, Monday-Thursday. This was my idea since business is slow, and I wanted extra time to pursue my hobbies and other interests. One of those interests is volunteering--another New Year's resolution. Last week, I started volunteering at Crossroads, a Hong Kong charity supporting local residents, as well as, needy people around the globe. I am working in the kitchen to prepare lunch for the volunteers and refugees seeking shelter at Crossroads. I worked with two refugees from Somalia who are waiting for asylum in Canada. Working at Crossroads exposes me to new and different people that I would not have otherwise met. So far, I really enjoy it.
Crossroads is located in a remote area of Hong Kong very near China called the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast has some development and a yacht club along a beautiful beach. After my volunteering, I took a long walk on the beach and collected some beautiful shells.

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