Monday, February 18, 2008

Shopping Success

I am thrilled with my two new purchases made on Sunday; a new wallet and new duvet cover. I have been searching for a new wallet since mine was stolen at the beginning of December. The one I chose was designed by Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy Liao. (Click here to see his children's book on Amazon.) I love his work, but many of the wallets were too childish, which is why I love the tree design of this one. Additionally, the wallet is good quality; made of leather and has nice compartments. Often, I struggle with purchases, because I gravitate towards whimsical and child-like things, but worry they are not age appropriate. There is a fine line between having a unique/creative style and looking silly/unprofessional.

The second purchase was a new duvet cover for summer. We have a lovely down comforter and flannel duvet cover for winter. For the summer, we have been using a light-weight comforter from West Elm (love their stuff). Even though it is less than three years old, it needs to be replaced. There are many small tears made by Olive's nails and it has a few stains. Also, I think it will be too heavy for the extreme heat here. I have been searching for new bedding since I arrived in Hong Kong, and I was beginning to give up hope and was debating about ordering something from a US company and bringing it back with me in March, but I didn't cherish the thought of lugging new bedding. This is why I was so thrilled to find something this weekend. It is 100% cotton and very soft. The main color is cream with light brown accents and embroidered gray "flowers". I put flowers in quotes because they are very abstract and organic. The package included the duvet cover, two shams, and a fitted sheet. European style bedding is prominent here, using no top sheet, just the duvet cover. The whole kit was only HK$999 or US$130. Once I buy a thin comforter for it and put it on the bed, I'll post a picture.


kelly said...

love the wallet!

Rhonda said...

Hey, Amy I have been following your blog it's been intresting trying to join in on comments please forgive my computure ignorence!