Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Decorations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is loaded with huge shopping malls. They are all decorated for Christmas. I seemed to be drawn to the Christmas trees more than other types of decorations. The holiday decor in the mall near our apartment is weird: black and red victorian circus???

My office building, Hutchison House (real tree):Kowloon Tong:Mong Kok is blue and white this year with a huge dessert tower and some girls posing as reindeer (I think?):Exchange Square with beautiful poinsettias:Finally, the most beautiful display is in the long hallway of the subway station where I walk everyday. It is an advertisement for Swarovski crystal, and the whole ceiling is covered in crystal snowflakes the size of my palm. It is hard to capture with the camera, because as you walk, all the snowflakes glitter and sparkle. (Yes, this is a normal volume of people for rush hour.)


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I am, most obviously, not family or friend, however I happened upon your Blog randomly. I wanted to compliment you on your photos and wish you a very Merry Christmas!