Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Second Chinese Wedding

My colleague was married last week which makes the second Chinese wedding I've attended. Erik was not invited, and this practice is very common--only invite the people you know, not the spouses. Here I blogged briefly about the one we attended last year. The wedding was quite western. It is very common to be married on a weekday, and this wedding was on Wednesday. The wedding date is chosen for its auspicious dates. 12/10/08 was a very popular day for weddings. The reception is about the food. There really isn't dancing and the drinking is limited to wine with the meal. It is common to have many courses. I took pictures of most of the items we had.

The beautiful bride in one of her 4 dresses. The bride changes clothes several times during the reception. Beautiful centerpieces: The menu showing the 12 courses:The suckling pig was presented whole with the head. It is then portioned out by the waiter. I didn't eat mine. This shrimp dish was excellent. I didn't get a picture of the next dish, the taro. Taro is a starchy root vegetable that is rather popular in SE Asia.Here is the infamous Shark Fin Soup. I ate a few bites, and I've had it before. Despite the inhumanity, it is still ultra popular in China, and it would be unheard of not to serve it at a wedding banquet. The taste is OK, rather bland, but the texture is very slimy.
I really enjoy abalone, and the braised lettuce under it was amazing.
Steamed grouper is also very popular, and it was presented whole with the head. After the fish is portioned out, the head is served, which is considered the best part of the fish. For example, in the grocery store you can buy only the fish head.
The crispy chicken has a great flavor, but it is cut "Chinese style" where the entire chicken is chopped with a cleaver so each piece contains a bone. I am not skilled at eating it the correct way by putting the whole piece in your mouth, sucking off all the meat, and leaving a clean bone. Yummy fried noodles:
By this point in the meal, it was midnight and there were still two more courses. Since we had to work the next day, we left before the end. It was a good time, and I think the bride and groom enjoyed it too.

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The Fab Miss B said...

I felt sad that we never got to go to a Chinese wedding. What fun- and you've got me missing authentic Chinese food now too! Looks incredible!