Wednesday, December 10, 2008

GreenSeam Show

I am coming away from the GreenSeam show with mixed feelings. We did not sell a lot of onesies, but the response was overwhelmingly positive. Compared to my jewelry, I had many more people stop and admire the merchandise. Numerous people said they would buy one, but didn’t know any babies. I also had several moms ask about different sizes or styles of clothes; i.e. long sleeves, t-shirts, etc. Overall, the traffic at the show was not as good as the one in November—most vendors agreed. I am not sure these shows are the right venues for hand-made items. We have a good product, but we need to figure out how to capture our targeted customers—back to the drawing board to do some head scratching on the next move.


kelly said...

hmmm. what about etsy?

or teaming up with some natural website-you could give away a couple samples so you could be featured and reviewed on blogs or whatever ( could advertise on natural parenting forums?

cloth diapering sites?

i dunno. that's a tough one cuz you have a great product...i'll keep thinking about it...

Kristen Luke Brooks said...

Hi Amy..I know it has been a REALLY long time since we talked but I am cleaning out my work email (Fri is my last day) and found your blog. It was wonderful to read !!!

Hope you are continuing to enjoy Hong Kong. You are missed here at Haverford but we all move onto bigger and better things !

Happy New Year !