Friday, January 25, 2008

Dreary Day

Edited to show a picture of the soup. This one has vegetable wontons on top. The dark spots are the chili oil and there is a bit of oyster sauce on the spoon which is for the vegetables.

It is cold and rainy here today. I am guessing it is in the low 50s--very raw. Since we've been here, 5 months, I can't remember the last time it steadily rained. I am not sure it has. There have been a few misty days or a very brief shower, but not a truly rainy day. It will be rainier in the spring. I am sure some of you think I am a wimp for complaining about 50 degrees, but remember, there is no heat in all of Hong Kong, so it is tough to get warm.

It is Friday evening here, and tonight Erik has a business dinner for the third consecutive Friday. It stinks for me to come home to an empty apartment after a long week of work. Also, he leaves tomorrow for a week's trip to Germany. I am debating if I should deal with the cold and rain to get a foot massage, or just go straight home. Foot massages are one of the lovely things about Hong Kong; inexpensive and very pleasurable. In the US, we would call it reflexology, since "foot massage" sounds a little erotic. Tonight is the perfect weather for Chinese noodle soup, which I have at least once a week. There are different versions, but the one I get most often is a rich chicken stock with long noodles, and the popular "Chinese broccoli", which is commonly referred to as 'vegetable' and it actually very close to broccoli rabe. I add a tiny bit of hot chili oil for a kick. Yum! The small place in Jordan sells a big bowl of this soup for HK$13 which is less than $2.

Tomorrow I resume my Chinese lessons. I haven't looked at it in 6 weeks, so I need to study tonight! For those who don't know, the lessons are one-on-one and the teachers will not speak English to you. It is very intense, especially for an hour and a half.

Regardless of the yucky day, it is now 6:00 p.m. on Friday, and I am happy to be heading home. Happy Weekend :-)

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kelly said...

soup sounds delish! hope you enjoy your lesson...