Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm a Superstar!

I didn't mention it earlier, because I was in denial, but now that it is over, I can brag.

A few weeks ago, the firm where I work received a request for proposal from the Hong Kong government. The Department of Justice was considering hiring our firm to recruit a lawyer for them. I had to prepare a large document outlining our firm’s skills, fees, experience, etc. Last week, my boss came in and congratulated me on the proposal because the government short-listed our firm and requested a face-to-face interview. My boss then asked me to prepare a Power Point presentation—OK, no problem. Then, after a few confused email exchanges, it was clear that my boss not only wanted me to prepare the presentation, but she actually wanted me to present it to the Hong Kong GOVERNMENT! Needless to say, I was nervous for the presentation, but also because it was my first real opportunity to shine in front of my boss and colleagues.

We just returned from the meeting, and I was awesome! I practiced it many times, and I didn’t bobble or hesitate once. Not to mention, I had the Power Point backed up on two flash drives, and there were no problems with the technology. I also had color copies of the presentation prepared in folders even before my boss asked. So I am feeling pretty great right now!


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Your so awesome!!!!

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Way to Go!!