Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Sights In Jordan

I realize I need to post more pictures of Hong Kong city life. It is tough to get good shots when I don't want to appear as a tourist. I know many of you want to see those "foreign" things and those cultural idiosyncrasies that make China different from the US. So this weekend, I took the camera out-n-about with me around Jordan, which is the area near our apartment. Jordan is fairly "local style" meaning you don't see much western influence.

Pedestrian street in Jordan

Two ladies cleaning shellfish in the street. There are a lot of outdoor restaurants in this area. In the evening, there will be tables and chairs set up where they are working. I don't think we have eaten at this one, but have tried a few and they are really good. Most have live seafood.

Produce delivered to the street restaurant. This is probably for the same place where the ladies were cleaning the shellfish, as it was right near them.

Yau Ma Tei wet market where I get produce.

Lemon branches and decorations for Chinese New Year.

Vendor painting "double happiness" character on coconuts.

In the pot is kimchee, pickled cabbage. I think it is originally a Korean food. It seems to always be sold in broken pots totally exposed to the funk of the market. Note how this pot is being held together by what appears to be a bicycle inner tube--Chinese are industrious.

On the walkway near our apartment, a dog in a Chinese dress. I asked the woman owner if I could take a picture of her dog, and she beamed of pride. Taste is so personal.

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kelly said...

cool! looking forward to hearing more about chinese NY.