Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hello Kitty is Thriving

Just in case you were wondering, Hello Kitty is alive and thriving here in Hong Kong. Unlike in the US, she is very much an adult love--not just for little girls. A woman in my office recently wore a sweater with a big, embroidered Hello Kitty on it (the dress code in my office is rather formal, so she must have considered this a nice sweater). The other day, I saw a woman on the train who was dressed very professionally, but was carrying a Hello Kitty handbag. It was a high-quality, leather bag with quilting in the shape of Hello Kitty and some flowers and hearts. The Hello Kitty merchandise isn't cheap, so I guess some consider it a status symbol. I have seen numerous Hello Kitty suitcases. Here are a few pictures I took for proof:

The Hello Kitty sugar cookie tin for Chinese New Year.

The Hello Kitty flower arrangement with a large mum making the face. I have to admit I think this is cute.

Edited to add a picture of Hello Kitty cake/muffin mix.

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