Sunday, September 23, 2007

Big & Small

Here a few pictures we took around the city. There is such a dramatic difference between 'big' spaces and 'small' spaces. It is understandable in a city so densely populated. Here is a picture of me in Tsim Sha Tsui, a busy area with lots of shopping, hotels, etc. near the Kowloon waterfront. You can see the big ads and double-decker bus. Conversely, is a picture of two men playing a Chinese board game in the alley behind the Ladies' Market. The Ladies' Market is a street market with all types of things for sale next to each other such as fruit, bras, electronics, fake purses, etc. The Market is literally in the street but there are also small shops behind the Market. These men are in the alley behind the market and in front of the shops.
Finally, is a picture from the roof-top pool at the hotel. Hong Kong is beautiful at night. This picture is looking north onto Kowloon.

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Kelly said...

Cool big and small pics. do you feel like you stick out being white
and blond? or are there lots of americans about? how bout the language
thing? is the city loud, smelly, rich, poor (obviously there are areas
but in general, is it safe, that sort of thing). talk to me about the
culture when you get a chance. i'm looking forward to hearing about
holidays and that kinda stuff too. plus, is it more european there, ie do
people shop everyday to get fresh produce or are they more like us,
hitting the grocery store once a week?
random thoughts on a sunday morning without a child in my lap ;)
ps, i tried to email this but it bounced back's a long comment instead...