Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I am getting into a groove with my routine. It is hard not going to work each day, but I am trying to relax and enjoy my leisurely days and let them unfold as they want. My goal is to let the job develop in its own way while applying to many to feel productive. I waiver between feeling panicked about the uncertainty of my future and chillin' in the moment. I saw a funny mantra in a Nike ad, "Things work out better when I don't give a crap." I am using it for the time being.

I like spending time at Pacific Coffee and using the internet and reading magazines. Once the apartment is secured, it will be a mad rush of shopping to acquire all the necessities. The past few days, I have been shopping for furniture, but won't purchase anything until the apartment is secured.

I told some people I would take pictures of my food, and I will start doing it. We have been getting most dinners at the local grocery store, Jusco. They have a large selection of prepared food and it is cheap. Last night I got a large container with half noodles and half vegetables. It fed me for two large dinners. This container cost $18HK or $2.30US. The noodles were fried with veges like lo mein and the 'vegetables' were a very popular green here in HK that seems like a cross between bok choy and broccoli rabe. The ones I got at Jusco were sauteed with garlic. Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised by the cost of things; cheaper than anticipated.


Kelly said...

cool, i'm interested in the food too!

leary929 said...
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leary929 said...

Hi guys, It's Heather here. Hope you are both healthy and settling into asian life. You are both very brave and will be missed. It is great to be able to check your updates! Keep up the great work.

PS: So sorry to hear about your loss.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy and Erik!
We miss you both! So sorry to hear about Olive. She was a beautiful cat. Hope all works out with the apartment. We can't wait to hear more about your adventures...funny story about the air would totally have happened to me too!
Lots of Love
Keri and family