Monday, September 10, 2007


Today I had my first 'foreigner' moment. I was shopping in a store that was similar to Bath & Body Works. I smelled a small glass bottle of fragrance and the sales gal asked to help me, which is fairly typical in Hong Kong since there are so many service people. So the sales gal sprayed the fragrance on a test strip for me, and I sniffed again then remarked how much I liked it. Next I sprayed the fragrance on my wrists which evoked a horrified reaction from the gal. She proceeded to tell me it was not perfume but airfreshener!!!


Kelly said...


didn't realize you lost your Olive-so sorry!

Billie D said...

no..that would be a "Hudson" moment

glad you made the trip safely & un-scathed....

keep the faith, little PK