Sunday, September 2, 2007

On my way

The house is packed, locked and loaded. The movers were excellent and it seems like all my worries were for naught. We have shipped 1,026 pounds of stuff via air to Hong Kong, which really wasn't much stuff--some closes, dishes, few books, hobby stuff, and our small coffee table. We both packed a huge amount of stuff to take on the plane. Now that the move is complete, I am excited to begin the new adventure since this door is swinging closed. I took some pictures of our moving experience, but the camera went with Erik, so I'll have to post them next week.

One of my goals for the blog is to experience the food in Asia and make note of the differences to US food. My first experience was at the hotel (in the US) when I saw a Chinese man eating a breakfast of oatmeal topped with jalapenos and scallions. It was unsweetened oatmeal and my guess is that he was trying to create a congee type dish. I haven't had congee yet, but am eager to try it. I think it is like a savory cream of wheat but made from rice.

I will try to post several times a week once I am in Hong Kong on September 7.


Kelly said...

Safe Travels!!!

Steve said...

好运气& 告别您将被错过。
it means -
"good luck & farewell.
you will be missed."
safe & happy journeys
& a safe & warm home away from home.
I still can not believe that you are no longer here!
steve stephenson