Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Before I say what I ate today, I want to respond to the comments I received about the weather. From what I understand, Hong Kong weather is similar to southern Florida--hot and humid most of the year. Palm trees flourish here. As an indicator, the pool at our apartment is outdoor and not heated. It is open March-November. Enjoy the east coast fall you all are experiencing. I am sad to be missing it.

For breakfast I had a western meal of toasted wheat bread with cream cheese and tomato. I included the package in the picture so you can see it is Philly cream cheese but does have Chinese writing. We are drinking instant coffee in the hotel since fresh coffee is really hard to come by here, and we don't want to haul a coffee maker to the apartment with all the other stuff we'll have to move ourselves.

For lunch I had ready-made food from the local grocery. The greens are the same as I described previously; slight bitter, sauteed with garlic. The other dish is noodles and bean sprouts, but I wasn't 100% sure what it was when I ordered it. The big fat noodles are a long sheet of dough rolled up. What is shown on the plate is about 1/3 of a small container of each item. With the Coke, it was $4.69 and I have leftovers for at least one more meal.

Not pictured: small gelatto in the afternoon.

For dinner Erik and I shared a vege and shrimp Chinese omelet. We had no idea of what that fried cutlet thing was (half shown on plate--other half quickly shoved down throat.) It tasted like mashed sweet potato with a few other veges thrown in--very tasty.


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Hi, Amy, Your food choices don't look too bad. You guys are going to be really skinny the next time we see you. A non-related question. What music did you walk down the aisle to?

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Sorry the last comment is from me.