Monday, September 17, 2007

Pea Soup

The weather took a turn for the worse this weekend. It was incredibly humid and very hot--probably close to 100% humidity and in the 90s. The temperature is reported in Celsius so I am never totally sure how hot it is. Most things are in metric including weights at the grocery store and on the scale in the gym. The treadmill measures in kilometers, which I like because I set the speed to what feels comfortable as opposed to trying to hit a mile-per-minute target.

This weekend we shopped for furniture and explored the area near our apartment. We were excited to discover it is a manageable walk from the apartment to the Jordan MTR (subway) stop. I am not sure where I'll do the main grocery shopping. There is a great grocery store one MTR stop away, but it is the HK equivalent to Whole Foods and that's just too pricey.

On Saturday, we went out for pizza in Central; it was very good. Then we had some beers in Lan Kwai Fung, the area where all the bars are. It was a good time.

Below are a few pictures of the hotel where we are staying and the view from the entrance. The room is very modest compaired to the lobby. You can see how hazy and humid it is from the harbor picture. This haze is mostly pollution. I promise to take pictures of some food tomorrow. I was so hungry for dinner tonight that I couldn't wait :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Amy,
Sorry the hear the weather is so sticky. Is that normal for HK? I hope you can get into your apartment soon. Then you will feel more settled. I am glad that you will be working for Gore a couple of days a week. The food sounds interesting. Take care.

leary929 said...

Hi Amy, I can't believe it is still so hot there! It has been cool in NJ. But we will get back up to the 80's by this weekend. Hope you guys are staying cool and I hope Erik likes his job there. I can't believe they have GOOD PIZZA in HK. IS IT BETTER THAN DOMINOS!! LOL


Kelly said...

Hi Aim! Glad you are scoping out the area and finding stores, etc...interesting that you can eat out so cheaply and get good stuff! I too am surprised at the weather-its yummy fall-like here! Sheree says you are working at Gore a bit-cool. Looking forward to hearing more soon, kel

Kelly said...

Can I also add, how f'd up yet typical that we are in closer contact with you in HK than w/you 3 hours away. Idiots, we are!