Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dim Sum

On Friday, we went for Dim Sum lunch. It is a very popular and traditional Chinese lunch, and I am totally in love with it. It is more fun to get Dim Sum with a large group, because you order a bunch of small dishes and share, kind of like appetizers. My favorite Dim Sum is the shrimp dumpling (in middle of photo) wrapped in a rice flour dough, sort of like a ravioli--don't know the name. Since we don't speak Chinese, we have to go to a restaurant with a picture menu. Often they have English menus, but that doesn't always help. For example, we ordered Taro Spring Rolls (bottom of photo), thinking they were vegetable, but they tasted like meat. I just looked up taro and Wikipedia says it is a vegetable, but I didn't like it. This is the fun of trying new things and with Dim Sum, there isn't much risk since the dishes are small. Clockwise from top is fat rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, and vege and shrimp dumplings, with sauces in the middle.

We went for Dim Sum after we applied for our Hong Kong Identity Cards. This is similar to a drivers license and proves we are permanent residents. We have to show this card for a lot of things such as trying to open a bank account, setting up utilities, etc. We have a temporary one now, and will get the actual card in two weeks. The process was pretty smooth. With the HK ID card, we can go through the short line at immigration in the airport. You are identified via your thumb print and it is all automated--very cool.


Kelly said...

i think taro is a bland root veg?
the rest of it sounds good. any apartment news?

Emily said...

I had taro in a Chinese birthday cake recently. I liked it cause it tasted similar to red bean. I did have it sweet so it might be less tasty unsweetened. The chinese girl at my work described it as a yam. I also had the red bean soup dessert at a chinese restaurant a couple weekends ago and I really liked it for some reason. One of our agents in Hong Kong sent us moon cakes but yours looked much more tasty. The ones we got tasted like less sweet fig newtons.

Sheree said...

The shrimp dumpling looked really good. It must be fun trying all those new foods.