Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Swamp Home

We arrived back in Hong Kong Saturday evening to unbelievable humidity—a complete swamp. On Sunday, it was over 80° and close to 100% humidity. We had to turn on the air conditioners. Today is it cooler and rainy.

My trip to the US was wonderful; couldn’t have been better. Seeing all my family and friends was great. Easter was nice with all my extended family enjoying good food and drinks. During the trip, I ate lots of yummy food that I have missed. When I arrived at Penn Station, I was starving and got a big slice of New York style pizza—yum! I shopped a ton and should now have enough clothes for summer. Being around my parents’ cats made me realize how much I miss having one, but I know it would not be a smart idea to get one in Hong Kong. Erik was certainly ready to return to Hong Kong since he had been working hard for two weeks and accompanying/entertaining his colleague. Since I was on vacation, I was not ready for it to end. I was not happy to return to work.

Before I left, I wondered if being in the US would make me wish I still lived there and in my Wilmington house. This was not the case. In fact, I felt as if I had two homes. It was/is a wonderfully abundant feeling. Hong Kong definitely feels like my home. I did take a tour of our Wilmington house and was happy to see it is in great shape. It was super weird to see other people’s stuff in it, but the tenant made a good impression.

Fortunately, I did really well with jet lag in both directions. Erik didn’t do as well coming back to Hong Kong.

The next month should go quickly and then we’ll be in Vietnam.


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aw, hi dad!

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