Thursday, April 3, 2008

Zoot Suit Doctor

"Zoot Suit Doctor" is not the name of my new song, it actually describes my doctor. This was my first experience visiting any healthcare professionals in Hong Kong. I went to Dr. John Simon, because he was Gore’s recommendation. While waiting, I overheard two American women discussing their illnesses, and one of them said Dr. Simon is supposed to be the best in Hong Kong. At this point, I am feeling good about my decision, until I saw him. He is a British man and had on a wide pin striped suit that resembled a zoot suit. To complete his look, his hair was dyed jet black and slicked back. He also had a handle bar mustache. The only thing he lacked was a cigarette in a long holder.

Despite his Halloween costume appearance, he was a very nice doctor. I went to see him, because I think I have a stomach ulcer. According to the internet, I have all the classic symptoms, and the doctor seemed to agree. The next step is to have a camera put down my throat so he can look inside my stomach. This lovely procedure will happen Friday, April 11--would have been better on Friday the 13th.

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