Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fun in Shenzhen

The internet is a strange entity. I have been contemplating opening a virtual shop on etsy. For anyone who hasn’t shopped there, it is a wonderful site where artists and crafters sell their handmade items. A few weeks ago, I was searching for etsy sellers in Hong Kong, and I stumbled across an American expat living in Shenzhen. (Shenzhen is in mainland China, just across the border from Hong Kong, and is the city where Erik works most of the time.) Taking a risk, I emailed this etsy, expat gal, and as a result, we became blogger pen pals, as she also is blogging her Asia experience. Her excellent blog can be found here.

The Fab Miss B and I, along with our husbands, met in Shenzhen on Sunday for a day of fun and new friends. Miss B and her husband are lovely free-spirits and have a truly inspiring attitude towards life. They graciously took us around to their favorite spots in Shenzhen, where we shopped for cheap stuff and marveled at some crazy Chinese aesthetics. The day could only have been better if I would have remembered to get a picture of us.

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Maura C said...

How nice to meet people so far away who have the same interests! Etsy is a great site -- a friend who makes children's clothing has her store there. Good luck! - Maura