Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stomach Woes

I had the gastroscopy last Friday, which wasn’t too bad since I was under mild sedation. Erik was allowed to watch and enjoyed seeing the inside of my stomach. The only freaky part was before I was sedated, my throat was sprayed with a numbing agent to prevent gagging. The spray was so powerful I wasn’t able to swallow. Fortunately, the doctor warned me of this, but even so, it was a scary feeling, and I had to concentrate not to panic. The test showed I have three small ulcers and severe gastritis which is a general erosion of the stomach lining. Today, I went back for my follow-up appointment. Most likely, these stomach troubles are caused by my frequent Alleve use. I take Alleve frequently for headaches, etc. related to my TMJ. My diagnosis: take drugs to heal my stomach; quit the painkillers; lay off the alcohol and spicy/greasy foods. Within a month, I should be healed.

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kelly said...

glad to hear it's heal-able. doesn't sound like much fun, though!